Photo:  April of 2008 Council declared the property a nuisance property – Andrew Tylosky/

The Fort Hotel property now belongs to the City of Fort St. John.

The city purchased the building for $350,000, from owner Michael Seo on Thursday, April 23rd.

Mayor Bruce Lantz says the city bought the building from surplus funds, which will have no impact on the budget.


As reported last week, City Council voted to get the Fort Hotel on 100th Avenue finally torn down.

Councilors decided to send a notice of remedial action, saying the owner had a time-limit to demolish the building.

However, that letter was never sent.

Lantz says there are certain legal processes that could take up to a year to enforce. He says he didn’t want the community to have the eyesore downtown for that long.

Lantz says the original plan was to have the site demolished, with the costs and fees forwarded to the owner.


Earlier this month, a City staff report stated demolition would cost anywhere between $250,000 and $300,000.  Lantz says he now hopes to have the building demolished within a month.