Photo: Consultant Bill Rapanos explains the Peace Island Park development plan to Peace River Regional directors on Thursday – Christine Rumleskie/

The Peace Island Park may be getting a facelift if the District of Taylor decides to follow a proposed development plan.

The District of Taylor hired consultant Bill Rapanos to draft up a plan of action for the Park. At the Peace River Regional District meeting on Thursday, Rapanos said the lack of camping sparked Taylor to look into expanding the park.

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Rapanos’ report says the park is very busy on long weekends. He says many people get turned away from the park because there just isn’t enough room.

There are over 300 camping spots, designated for recreation vehicles and tents. Electricity is provided to just over 40 camping spots. There are 60 spaces without electricity. The rest of the campground is designated for large groups.

The plan allows for 40 camp sites, although Rapanos says there is room to expand in the future.

The park covers three square kilometers, with three kilometers of waterfront along the Peace and Pine River. Rapanos says the area is used primarily by residents of local communities, rather than tourists. He suggested the area be further developed for campgrounds, and parts of the land could potentially be leased to farmers for agricultural use.

Rapanos says, during his research, the community consensus was to not turn the park into a commercial park. This means the majority of residents did not want to add things like mini-putt courses or waterslides, but rather keep the park as natural as possible.

He says he interviewed councilors and residents to get an idea of what people would like.

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It is now up to the District of Taylor to secure the funding for the different stages of planning.