Fort Hotel notice still not sent

The city has yet to send out the notice of remedial action to the owner of the Fort Hotel.

Director of Protective Services Jim Rogers says the letter is being drafted by lawyers. He says notices like this require the correct people be contacted, and the process can take a while to complete.

The owner has seven days from the day he receives the letter, to appeal the process. If the owner doesn’t appeal, he has 15 days from the day he receives the letter to fully demolish the building.

As reported last week, City Council voted to get the Fort Hotel on 100th Avenue finally torn down. Councilors decided to send a letter saying the owner now has a time-limit to demolish the building. Basically, if the owner fails to demolish the building in 15 days, the city will demolish it, with all costs and fees forwarded to the owner.

Rogers says the City has the information it needs and the owner will receive the letter later this week.

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