The BC Liberals unveiled their 2009 platform today, entitled ‘Keep B.C. Strong’.

Parties officially began campaigning on Tuesday afternoon. Premier Gordon Campbell promised to work with Ottawa to extend employment insurance benefits, to cut small business taxes, and to double the provincial training tax credit to $4,000 for employers.

Here is a look at some of the B.C. Liberals key platform statments:

– Pursue the possibility of developing Site C as a public asset, owned by BC Hydro.

– Continue expanding and building new hospitals and health facilities in Fort St. John and other cities throughout the province.

– Launch a review of the BC Assessment process to lower the burden of property taxes on small businesses.

– Launch a new BC Family Residence Program this summer to provide families who must accompany a loved-one for medical care- particularly rural and Northern families – with new travel and accommodation support.

– Propose a new, national Extended Employment Insurance Program in cooperation with the federal government, to extend benefits for workers who exhaust their Employment Insurance benefits.

– Expand the ‘wood-first’ policy, requiring wood as the primary building material in publicly-owned and provincially-funded buildings; create a new Wood Innovation & Design Centre in Prince George.