B-C’s New Democrats are vowing to do away with the carbon tax, roll back transit fares and set up a rural economic development fund, if elected in next month’s provincial election.

In announcing her parties platform, N-D-P leader Carole James also promised, to boost the minimum wage to ten dollars an hour and, to freeze post-secondary tuition.

An open line guest today on CKNW, she essentially dodged a question, about the bigger and longer deficit, critics have associated with her parities overall economic plan. Instead she said…. [asset|aid=1210|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=499148c802d25a6dd58a55ed366f7857-James_8_Pub.mp3]

Meantime, among the latest in a rapidly growing list of Liberal government pre-election promises is one, to improve energy efficiency and air quality, in northern and interior BC schools.

Education minister, Shirley Bond, has attached a $20 million price tag to the project, saying, it will create up to 128 direct jobs.