Colter Young made it 5 stage wins, overall, in a row for the Blizzard Bike Club’s 8 Stage Spring Stage race. He leads the under 19 group with 25 points.

Peter King and Pat Ferris co-lead the Senior Men’s category with 12 points each and Blaine Richter second at 10 points and Geoff MacDonald and Les Elliott tied for third with 8 points each.

Barb Polehoykie leads the Women’s with 24, Marie Young second at 13 and Kathryn Fairweather third at 12 points.

The Blizzards also lead the Challenge Cup races (stages 2 and 3) with 103 points to GP’s 45 and Dawson Creek’s 10.   

Stage #1 – Colter Young easily won Stage 1’s 16 km Baldonnel time trial, Thursday night, with a fast 24:52. Pat Ferris was second at 27:12, Peter King third at 27:30, Sandy McDonald 4th at 28:24 and Bob Andrews 5th at 28:30.

Other times were Les Elliott 28:44, Dean Lowry 30:07, Darren Guliov 30:34, Rod Lewis 31:03, Barb Polehoykie 31:33, Owen Giebelhaus 33:23 and Russ Wilson 34:25.

Stage # 2 – Colter was a repeat winner on the tough Beatton River hill climb with a with a 21:53 ride off the front effort. Blaine Richter was second at 22:34 and Geoff MacDonald third at 23:32.

Other hill climb times were Kent Pedersen 24:38, Pat Ferris 25:14, Bob Andrews 25:47, Barb Polehoykie 26:32, Ken Perry 26:33, Eric Lowry 26:53, Kendra Young 27:36, Kathryn Fairweather 27:54, Dean Lowry 28:41, Marie Young 28:57, Frances Plum 30:30, Owen Giebelhaus 30:53 and Ken Nix 31:53.

Stage #3 – Colter Young won the 30 km Beatton Park road race by pulling away from Blaine Richter and Geoff MacDonald on the gun range hill for the lone win at 51:26 minutes. Blaine Richter was second at 51:56 and Geoff MacDonald third at 52:33.

Peter King was 4th at 57:18, Kent Pedersen 58:31, Pat Ferris 1:00:10, Les Elliott and Jake Elliott 1:01:17, Darren Guliov 1:03:16, Barb Polehoykie 1:04:36, Ken Perry 1:06:47, Kathryn Fairweather 1:12:59, Owen Giebelhaus 1:23:36.

Rod Lewis won the 24 k one lap event at 43:26. Francis Plum was second at 49:49, Marie Young third at 52:43 and Larry Joice 4th at 1:06:10.

Stage #4 – Colter Young won the 60 km Mile 62 road race, Saturday, with a time of 2:13:28. Peter King was second at 2:13:30 and Les Elliott third at 2:18:3. Barb Polehoykie won the sprint for the 30 km race with 59:47 from Rod Lewis. Kendra Young was third 1:02:47, Marie Young 1:04:22, Rebecca Pimm 1:04:40 and Larry Joice 1:16:15.

Stage #5 – Colter Young won the tough 60 km Beatton Montney loop road race, Sunday, with 1:44:37. Darren Guliov won the sprint from Pat Ferris and Eric Lowry for second at 1:56:43. Les Elliott was 5th at 1:57:18. Barb Polehoykie had 1:58:37, Dean Lowry 2:04:17, Kathryn Fairweather 2:04:32 and Ken Nix 2:15:45.

Floyd Polehoykie won the 30 km short course at 1:02:07. Marie Young was second at 1:04:27. Larry Joice did 1:10:02 and Cassie Baker 1:14:27.

    Coming up:
-Tuesday Montney Store road race from Beatton Park at 6:15 pm.
-Thursday Baldonnel time trial at 6:15
-Final Stage: Sunday Cecil Lake road race 2 pm.