City staff are recommending Council consider a $25 fee for volunteer criminal record checks.

The recommendation will be brought forward at Tuesday’s Council meeting following information Council received from the RCMP in March. 

The Fort St. John RCMP state that 1,732 criminal record checks were completed last year and in one three month period, over 21 percent of them were not picked up, with the major of those not picked up being volunteer applications.

According to City staff we are not the only municipality in Northern BC that waives the fee for criminal record checks.  Out of eight other communities in our region, only one community, Smithers, charges for both volunteer and business criminal record checks. 

Plus, Fort St. John receives the second highest number of requests for this type of service per month, second only to Williams Lake.

Staff believe implementing a refund would increase the workload for both the RCMP and Finance Departments and therefore is not recommended.

At the March 23rd Council meeting two different motions were brought forward and in the absence of Councilor Bruce Christensen, both resulted in a tie vote.  One motion recommended a $50 fee, while the other recommended a $25 fee.

Council will make its decision at Tuesday’s meeting.  Click the attached file to read the entire report.