The recession has done nothing to dampen the pipeline completion expectations, of Calgary-based EnCana Corporation, in the Horn River Basin.

It discovered the natural gas field north of Fort Nelson in 2003 and has since added extensive holdings, to become the largest landholder in the area.

In 2007, EnCana formed a 50/50 joint venture, with Apache Corporation and together, they’ve already drilled nine production wells, in what is the largest shale gas field, in the country.

Now at a cost of about 340 million dollars it is moving forward with about a 155 kilometer pipeline project.

It is expected to use new pipelines, up to 36 inches in diameter, to transport sweet natural gas from the basin, to a tie-in point, on TransCanada’s, existing Alberta pipeline system.

Subject to regulatory approval, EnCana still has its project operational target date set, for early in the second quarter, of 2011.