Spring Run-off top finishers

A list of top finishers in the Sub-Zero Running Club’s Spring Run-off, on Sunday afternoon.

1 Km race (10yrs and under)

1st Male Ty Haugan 7:58

1st Female Bailey Haugan 6:39

3Km race (11 to 16)

1st Female Karissa McNutt 14:34

No males

5 Km recreational Walk

16 females, recreational times ranging from 47:16 to 1:02

3 males, recreational times ranging from 51:27 to 1:02:32

5km competitive Walk (no males)

1st female Paola Rodriguez 37:04

2nd Joelle Mickey 40:44

3rd Julie Bouck 41:03

5km Estimated Time (time diff from estimate) NO WATCHES ON

1st female Lisa Verbisky (One minute and 20 seconds difference from estimated time prior to race)

2nd Erin Connell (1:34)

3rd Tammy Danshin (1:48)

1st male Tim Danshin (15.9 sec)

2nd Asher Klassen (39.2)

3rd Kelly Ziebarb (1:05)

10km (17 to 19 yrs old)

1st Male Chris Ward 41:47

1st female Jenny Kleininger 44:41

2nd female Mandy Matier 52:46

3rd female Robyn Bonner 53:40

10km (20 to 34 yr old)

1st male Thomas Ridgeway 49:04

2nd Andrew Seidl 49:46

3rd Russ Wilson 55:31

1st female Lori Leduc 41:33

2nd Rebecca Pimm 45:11

3rd Nelda Anderson 50:16

10km (35-49 yr old)

1st male Trevor Kolkea 34:40

2nd Chris Garwah 41:25

3rd Eric Wolf 41:50

1st female Lisa Boda 46:17

2nd Kelly Mcintyre 47:26

3rd Melissa Bryant 47:50

10km (50 plus)

no females

1st male Cal White 48:34

2nd Owen Giebelhaus 53:44

3rd Ben Mitchell Banks 55:41

The winner of the TRIP FOR TWO to the Sun Run on April 19th in Vancouver, was ERIN CONNELL, from Wanham, Alberta.

Thanks to the many volunteers including Link Snieder, Kathryn Fairweather, Lisa Verbisky, Barb Polehoykie, Keith Koebel, Barb Fletcher, Tony Atkins and Dean Lowry.

And thanks to Gord Harris for submitting the info.

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