Grant provides jobs for beetle-kill

A $300,000 grant is helping to put 12 local residents back to work and reduce the amount of beetle-attacked trees near Fort St. John.

The grant is part of the Community Development Trust’s Job Opportunities Program. Over $26.25 million is designated to reduce the impact of current layoffs throughout the forest industry.

The 12 workers will be clearing around 3,250 trees that have been identified as larvae infested.

Trees from South Blueberry and Aikman Creek will be cut and burned to help reduce the beetle’s spread to thousands of healthy trees in the area.

In addition to the new job creation and beetle kill, the funding will help with improving fire safety throughout the region.

Forest-dependent communities or organizations, licensees and contractors working in cooperation with a forest-dependent community are eligible to submit a project proposal to the Job Opportunities Program.

For more information about the Community Development Trust and Job Opportunities Program, go to:

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