An Edmonton man will spend his weekends in a Dawson Creek Jail.

Geoffrey Warner was handed a two-month intermittent jail sentence today in an Edmonton court after pleading guilty to criminal flight from police. Warner ran a red light back in March of 2007 and a police officer tried to pull him over.

Warner refused to pull over and fled the area going 90km in a 50km zone, then he ran another red light and drove the wrong way on a one-way street.

The chase lasted only 30 or 45 seconds and ended when Warner jumped out of the vehicle and ran away on foot.

He was able to get away, but Police traced the vehicle back to him through his roomate and the vehicle license plate.

Meanwhile, Warner went to an Edmonton Police station and reported the vehicle stolen from him at gun point.

The RCMP arrested Warner and in an interview he recanted the bogus story and admitted he was the driver, saying he thought his licence was suspended. As it turns out his licence wasn’t suspended at the time.

An Edmonton Judge ruled that Warner will serve weekends in a Dawson Creek Jail, because the is now working in the area.