Registered Liberals in the Peace River North Constituency will choose their May 12th election candidate Friday evening.

Voting will take place at the Pomeroy Hotel in Fort St. John and the Woodlands Inn in Fort Nelson, from 5pm to 9pm. Voters will have the choice of choosing a single candidate or voting in order of preference.

If one candidate does not receive a first choice simple majority, then the candidate with the least number of votes, will be dropped from the ballot. Those who have voted in order of preference and whose first choice was the dropped candidate, will then have their second choice considered.

This process will continue until one candidate does get a simple majority of the votes.

Once again the candidates are in surname alphabetical order…Fort St. John City Councilors Lori Ackerman and Dan Davies…former Fort St. John City Councilor, Pat Pimm…Chetwynd Mayor, Evan Saugstad…and, District 60 School Trustee, Linda Sewell.

As soon as they’re available, results will be posted Friday night on