The value of construction in Fort St. John fell further behind last year’s pace, last month.

The cities February Building Inspection Report shows only five permits issued worth $607,000.

That compares to ten permits issued in the same month last year worth more than $1,668,000.

The year-to-date total this year is $1,116,000 but, that is also less than 50 percent of last year’s amount, which was $2,420,000.

In addition, the total for the first two months last year was more than 10 million less, than the 12,871,000, for January and February of 2007.

However, in terms of city revenue the 2009 year-to-date total is higher than for the comparable period last year.

This year 15 building permits have resulted in $11,840 for the city, as compared to only $8,677 last year from 16 permits.