A Vancouver man has been charged with a total of four charges under the Wildlife Act and Regulations and one charge under the Firearm Act. He has been ordered to pay $4,000 for the killing of a mule deer buck and a white-tailed doe.


In a Vancouver courtroom on Feb. 13, 2009, Lei Chen, of Vancouver, was convicted of two charges under the Wildlife Act: the unlawful possession of dead wildlife, and hunting wildlife that were not in open season. He
was also convicted of one charge of discharging, carrying or possessing a loaded firearm in a vehicle under the Firearm Act. Chen was fined $300 and ordered to make a payment of $3,700 to the Habitat Conservation
Trust Foundation.


In addition to the monetary penalties, Chen has been ordered not to hunt, or be in the presence of someone hunting, going hunting or returning from a hunt, for a period of two years. Chen will also be required to re-take the Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education Program before he reapplies for a hunting licence. His rifle valued at $2,500 was forfeited to the B.C. government.


The charges were laid after an investigation involving the Ministry of Environment’s Conservation Officer Service in Fort St John. Chen was hunting in the Osburn area, approximately 60 miles north east of Fort
St. John, when he illegally shot both deer with a rifle during an archery-only season.


To report environmental violations, Environment Minister Barry Penner encourages the public to call the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) Call Centre at 1 877-952-7277. Since April 2008, the RAPP Call
Centre has received more 4,350 reports about environmental violations.