The city may be switching its residential waste collection system.

Since the tender for residential solid waste collection will expire at the end of August this year, the city will make a decision to tender out the work or do the work itself. The problem began when the city switched contractors. There were many timely transition issues the new contractor needed to work out.

Council also met with two of the major residential management companies in the city, who expressed interest in switching the system. Should council decide to take the work onto the city, residential units that require a dumpster will do the work privately. Council says there are many dumpster service companies that provide service for commercial properties. Residential managements would be given the option to work with any company.

City Council will be discussing the issue at the Monday Council meeting.  They will discuss the issues concerning garbage cans, bags and carts for residential collection. If the city takes on the task, Council says there will initially be some disruption to solid waste pick up, and an adjustment to the community.