At a time when consumers across the country are struggling just to cope with the economic recession, gasoline prices appear to be on the rise.


According to, the current provincial average price is up, to 94.5 cents a liter and the national average to 87.1.


However, those prices pale in comparison to what’s surfaced as the high end price in Fort St. John.


Several local filling stations have bumped their posted price to a 102.9 cents.


That’s an increase of 12 cents a liter from where it was yesterday and 21 cents higher than where it was at the beginning of year.


As of early this morning it was not yet the common posted price, so early risers may still be able to shop for a better deal.


Meantime, there is no stated reason for the increases and they certainly cannot be traced to crude oil prices which continue to struggle to stay above $40 a barrel U.S.