The District of Taylor will be holding an emergency test siren today.

Taylor is testing it to ensure the system is in proper working order and to educate the community on how to react when they hear the siren in the event of a real emergency situation within the community.

At 5:30 PM, the test will begin. Residents will hear a messaging stating ‘this is a test’ numerous times.

After the message, the siren will be turned on for three minutes.

The public is encouraged to get involved in the drill. Residents are asked to seek shelter immediately when they hear the siren. There is no need to lock or barricade doors.

The three minute siren will be followed by a one minute steady tone.

Residents are asked to remain inside their buildings until they hear a message saying ‘The test is over.’

The District is asking people not to call the police, fire department, district office or 911 regarding the test sirens.