Here is a brief overview of City Council’s meeting on Monday night.

Mayor Lantz proclaimed February 16-21, 2009 as Women’s Institute Week.
Mayor Lantz proclaimed February 16-21, 2009 as Heritage Week BC
Mayor Lantz proclaimed March, 2009 as Kidney Month in Fort St. John


Reports from City Manager and Administration:


Report No. 33/09 – Dundee Financial Request for Lease Extension
City Council agreed to a one month extension for Dundee Financial to vacate the Business Resource Centre.


Report No. 37/08 – 2009 Community awards
City Council agreed to incorporate the Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce
Annual Awards into the City’s Community Awards Program.


Report No. 38/09-Purchase Agreement with Northern Health
City council agreed to sell a piece of land appraised at 2 million
dollars to the Northern Health Authority for 1 dollar. Council has the right
to re-purchase the land back in four years, for 1 dollar, if Northern Health
cannot get a building permit or confirm secured financing.


Report No. 39/09 – Amendment to Purchase Administrative Procedure
City Council agreed to include the following positions in the Purchasing Administrative Procedure:
Plant Operator, Graphic Designer and Property Maintenance with $5,000 spending and Visa Limits.
Development officer and Marketing Assistant with $2,000 spending and Visa limits.
GIS Technologist with spending and Visa Limit of $1,000.
Mayor with a visa limit of $5,000.


Report No. 40/09 – Cheque Report for January 2009
Council received the attached Cheque Listing Report for January 2009.


Report No. 41/09 – Revisions to Council Committee Structure
Council approved the revised Council Committee Structure.


Report No. 42/09 – Rising Above Conference Request for Donation
City Council agreed to provide a donation in the amount of 2 thousand dollars for the Rising Above Conference to take place in Fort St. John.


Report No. 43/09 – Forest Capital of BC Committee
Councillors Ackerman and Christensen were appointed as Chairs to the City of Fort St. John Forest Capital of BC Committee. Council also approved the related expenditures.


Report No. 44/09 – Enerplex Staffing – Recreation Manager Position
Council approved the addition of the exempt position of Recreation Manager for the 2009 budget.