Following a full percentage point increase in January, BC Stats puts the Northeast BC unemployment rate, at 4.6%.

The increase occurred despite an 8.5% hike in employment, because it was more than offset, by an 11 % increase in the size of the region’s labor force.

Nevertheless, the Northeast jobless rate remains the lowest in the province slightly ahead of the Vancouver Island/Coast region, which was 4.7%.

The North Coast/Nechako region still has the highest rate, which jumped to 9.3%.

That’s 3.2% higher, than the new provincial average of 6.1, which was up 0.8% from December…the highest month over month increase since late 2001.

Both the official opposition and organized labor, quickly used the numbers to criticize and lobby the Campbell and Harper governments.

The NDP said they prove just how out of touch the Provincial Liberals are with challenges facing BC families.

The BC Federation of Labor said they show just how crucial it is for the federal government, to further revise eligibility rules for employment insurance