According to Government House Leader Jay Hill, “These are extraordinary times, very unusual times, unprecedented times,”…and, that noted the Tory government has shelved the six days of Throne Speech debate and three related confidence votes, to “aggressively” implement its stimulus package.
The Prince George/Peace River MP says although it isn’t well known there’s actually no requirement that throne speech debate takes place or, that the confidence votes happen.
Thus, the government has…tabled its Notice of Ways and Means Motion, to introduce the tax cuts…will seek Parliament’s authority to pay out four billion dollars under the Budget Implementation Act…and, will adjust the main estimates for 2009-2010 to ensure that new funding flows quickly.
Mr. Hill also argues, last week’s Throne Speech referred to the November Throne Speech, after Parliament returned from the 40th general election, for the government’s general direction and, it has not changed since.

Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale has criticized the government for proroguing Parliament two weeks, after it sat in the first place but now agrees that the debate and votes are not necessary to proceed with the budget debates and votes.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tabled a 258 and half billion dollar budget last week, including an estimated 40 billion stimulus package over the next two years.
It in turn led to government forecasts of a 64 billion dollar deficit over the next two fiscal years,