Renovations should fix problems at Pool

The Chair of the North Peace Leisure Pool Commission hopes the problems with the building can be corrected with renovations.
The Commission has hired Cannon Design to do a comprehensive review of the facility, after a number of structural issues were discovered. As reported Wednesday in the Alaska Highway news, the ongoing corrosion has created some structural integrity problems, that have called into question the life span of the building.
When the pool opened in 1996 the facility was expected to last at least 20 to 25 years.
The Chair of the Commission, City councillor Don Irwin, says the report from Cannon Design should be available in two months, and he hopes the majority of the cost of renovations will come from the Commission’s reserves.


Irwin also says he believes the majority of the problems can be fixed with renovations, rather than a complete re-building of the facility.
In 2005, maintenance staff started to notice white mineral deposits on the exterior of the building. Ever since then engineers have been investigating the problems, and have tried several different techniques to fix them.


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