A slowing provincial economy is getting the blame for BC Hydro’s decision to slash by 40 per cent the amount of power it sought in its recent call for green energy.
The total annual amount of potential power bid in response to the call was 17 thousand gigawatt hours, so Hydro’s decision will leave a lot more disappointed bidders on the sidelines
Falling demand for electricity in the forestry sector, an expected decline in sales of consumer goods, and a presumed drop in housing starts over the next two years have all been cited by Hydro in its recent filing to the BC Utilities Commission.
The Clean Call for electricity, closed Nov. 25th with Hydro looking to buy five thousand gigawatt hours per year, from independent power producers.
Now it has cut that amount to three thousand gigawatt hours.
Melissa Davis, the executive director of BC Citizens for Public Power says, Hydro’s decision casts in doubt its “grossly inflated” numbers previously used to bolster the government’s case for private-sector development.
She also argues, “Public power proponents and many environmental groups recognize, the government has been manufacturing an energy crisis to line the pockets of private power producers.”