Fort St. John residents got a brief respite from the current cold snap yesterday but, it has disappeared this morning.

The four o’clock temperature was minus 18 but, it is now down to minus 25 and, the wind chill reading is a bone chilling minus 40.

In addition, the temperature is forecast to fall back to minus 30 overnight and, if it does it will be back to the average overnight low, for the past 24 days.

During the period beginning on December 12th, Fort St. John has recorded only one overnight low, above minus 20 and, that was minus 15 point three on the 16th of December.

Since then we’ve had eleven overnight lows, of minus 30 or colder, making the 24 day average prior to today, minus 29 point 8.

Officially, the coldest temperature recorded during the period was minus 40 point two on January 2nd, forcing a halt in local garbage pickup but, failing to break the daily record, of minus 42 point two set in 1950.

In fact, the low temperature on each of the first three days of 1950 was minus 40 or colder, making the three-day-average minus 40 point nine, which was nearly six degrees colder, than the average low for the first three days of this year, of minus 35 point four.

There is however, finally some long range forecast relief, from the weather network.

It says the temperature should rise dramatically at the end of the week, with Saturday and Sunday highs near zero and, continuing close to that, all next week.