Weather problems have now plagued almost all major forms of transportation in Canada.

The heat was out for approximately 20 hours on a Greyhound bus traveling from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, to Fort St. John. Passengers had to resort to getting extra layers from their checked baggage in order to keep warm as temperatures outside the bus fell below -30.

The only bright spot was 7 hours into the trip, when the rural community of Watson Lake’s fire department offered the use of its blankets throughout the rest of the trip. It was also in Watson’s lake where passengers were given the choice to either: stay in Watson lake- at their own expense- and wait for the next bus to come a few days later; or continue on. Passengers decided to go on, completing the trip to Fort St. John

Greyhound spokesman Eric Wesley told reporters that the extreme external cold was to blame for the furnace failure. Apparently the cold not only froze passengers, but the furnace components too.

He mentions though, that contrary to the passengers’ reports, the heat did begin to work again after Watson Lake.

Whatever the case, the passengers were able to transfer buses at Fort Nelson, and completed the journey to Fort St. John

Greyhound is not offering compensation for the trip to the passengers at this time.