Senator Neufeld to push for more offshore drilling

One of BC’s new Senators says he may use his time in Ottawa, to push for offshore oil and gas drilling, on the Northern BC coast.
Richard Neufeld says he knows some people think the risks are too great but all options must be explored, considering the world’s energy needs.
There’s been a federal moratorium on the offshore drilling since 1972 but, the out-going BC Energy Minister says the oil and gas under the sea floor present a huge economic opportunity.
The Peace River North MLA also admits, he had approached Prime Minister Harper about senate membership prior to being named as one of 18 appointees yesterday.
He says he welcomes the opportunity to do what he’s always tried to do as a political representative of this area….

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Two other British Columbians were on the Prime Minister’s appointment list…former Olympic skier, Nancy Greene-Raine and Yonah Martin, the co-founder of a Korean Community Group and, an unsuccessful Tory election candidate.


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