Vancouver International Airport has become an impromptu campground for hundreds of stranded travellers, who were going nowhere fast.

The problem is the winter weather and, its impacting holiday air travellers right across the country. Here in Fort St. John, Air Canada has cancelled all its flights to Vancouver with departure times today, prior to and including three o’clock this afternoon.

A reassessment will be made later today, to determine what happens after that but it’s expected the weather will improve in Vancouver later today. Those with flight departure times, up to three o’clock this afternoon, are asked to phone reservations to rebook but, they’re also being warned to prepare to be very patient.

To re-book your flight call 1-888-247-2262.  To check on your flight you can call 1-888-422-7533 or Click Here

Meantime, in the Metro Vancouver area, since the official arrival of winter yesterday, about 30 centimeters of snow had been recorded by eight o’clock this morning. It has also brought road traffic to crawl and, police departments across the southern coastal region and, the southern part of Vancouver Island, are advising travellers to avoid the areas, until further notice and, local area motorists to stay off the roads.