Drunk Drivers get sobering news

Some sobering news for those who drink and drive in BC.
More people with drunk driving records are going to find themselves enrolled in a program, which uses a device that locks a car’s ignition and, can only be unlocked, if the driver provides a clean breath sample.
Up until now, the program has only be used with the worst offenders, but starting February 1st, it will apply to anyone with a single drinking-driving conviction, or two 90-day driving bans.
People enrolled in the program must pay all the costs, of installing and monitoring the device, with a total yearly bill, of 15-hundred dollars.
Meantime, impaired driving charges are pending, against a 54-year-old man ,whose vehicle hit six young people last night, while they walked on the shoulder of a road in Langley.
All six of the youths suffered minor injuries.
Police say the driver, of the Toyota 4-Runner, gave breath samples showing him, with a blood alcohol content, of twice the legal limit.

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