Communities Unite around Coalbed Methane Action Plan

Several BC Communities have created a coalbed methane action plan.

A coalition of citizens’ groups has launched a province-wide campaign around a 5 point action plan they say could end the current stalemate on coalbed methane development.

The group includes members from every region of the province including Hudson’s Hope. Their plan includes 4 key policy improvements including local communities having a clear say in deciding where and how CBM projects proceed, CBM projects undergo mandatory environmental assessments that address cumulative impacts, regulations promised in BC’s Energy Plan are fully implemented and enforced and sufficent funds are in place to prove the safety current technologies.

Coalbed Methane projects have been or are currently proposed in BC’s Hudson’s Hope area, Vancouver Island and Elk Island. Earlier this year the Union of BC Municipalities and BC First Nations called for a moratorium on Coalbed Methane drilling.

In July of this year Vancouver based Canada Energy partners confirmed the start of a project near Hudson’s Hope. There is a potential for 315 well locations with the Hudson’s Hope project.

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