It looks like Fort St. John is about to emerge later today, from its weekend deep freeze.

After posting official lows the last three mornings, in the range of minus 27 to minus 30 degrees, we are expected to reach a high today, of minus 14 and then, drop back to only minus 17 tonight.

The weekend temperatures were in sharp contrast, to what they area recorded at this time last, year when the overnight lows on December 13th and 14th were only about minus 5 and minus 13.

However, we were not even close to what the area experienced in 1964, when the overnight lows on the same two days, were minus 36 and minus 37.

The normal temperatures for this time of year in Fort St. John…are lows of minus 18 and, highs of minus 8.

Environment Canada shows the area’s the coldest December temperature on record was, minus 44 point six, recorded on the 29th in 1992.

The coldest ever recorded temperature in Fort St. John was, minus 47 point two, recorded on January 30th of 1947.