The local RCMP has issued a new public fraud warning, about a scam, which involves mystery shopping.

It says victims receive a letter by mail, with an attached cheque, in varying amounts, telling them they’ve been selected to potentially become a mystery shopper, for an alleged marketing research company.

The letter indicates the cheque is to be cashed and, the victim is also given directions on how to use the money.

The frauds all share a common theme…that a Money Gram, which is generally for most of the value of the cheque sent to the victim, in turn be sent to a particular address and, the victim is asked “to evaluate” the Money Gram Service.

The cheque is then identified by the bank as fradulent and, of course the victim becomes liable, for the funds lost on it by the bank.

Anyone receiving a letter and cheque of this nature is advised, not to cash the cheque and, to contact the RCMP immediately at 250-787-8140 or 1-800-222-8477.