It could cost I-C-B-C more than 800 thousand dollars in severance, for just three workers, fired, in connection with a scheme to sell rebuilt cars.
The trio was sacked, for their part in the scandal, which involved the company’s research facility in Burnaby…and, NDP Public Safety critic Mike Farnworth has reacted, to the severance payments, exactly as you’d expect…


Two other workers left voluntarily, three got reprimands for their roles in the scheme and, Solicitor-General John Van Dongen is defending ICBC’s response…

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The scheme involved rebuilding wrecked cars at the facility which were then either bought by I-C-B-C staff members in auctions that may have been rigged….or sold to buyers without them being told about the vehicles’ damage history.
The R-C-M-P is investigation into the scheme continues.