A 12-year-old Grande Prairie girl is on the road to recovery, after a three-day coma, from which doctors said she would never wake. On Nov. 25, Colleen Hiebert found her daughter foaming at the mouth and, in what appeared to be a coma. She called an ambulance and after being transferred from Grande Prairie hospital to an Edmonton Children’s hospital, doctors said her daughter was not responding to the treatment and, probably wouldn’t wake up.

Alisha Hiebert is a grade seven student, at a Grande Prairie Christian school and, she suffers from a rare liver disorder, she’s been battling since birth. The family braced for the worst but, late at night on Nov. 27th, her 12th birthday, Alisha opened her eyes three times.

By early the next morning she was awake and, asking for her mom and dad. Colleeen says she just kept getting better from then on and, on Tuesday she had an MRI and the doctor said she was 100 per cent, with no damage. Her mom adds, “The doctor then cried and said it was a miracle”…and, the Hiebert family returned that night to Grande Prairie with their miracle girl.”