The RCMP has taken the usual step of setting up a tip assistance website to help it apprehend the person or persons responsible, for the natural gas pipeline bombings in the South Peace. contains new information and photgraphs, from the on-going investigation into three bombings, in the last three weeks of October.  (the site has been running slow today.  To view the photos you can also click here).

Police are very frustrated by a small minority of people, whom they contend has been less than forthcoming and somewhat uncooperative, regarding their investigation. The bombings were preceded by a hand written warning, mailed to three South Peace media outlets from the Dawson Creek Drug Mart. It demanded Encana Pipelines, whose facilities were subsequently targeted in all three bombings, cease all operations in the Toms Lake area.

Police have video tape taken from inside the Drug Mart, on the October 7th, the day the letters were sent out, showing eight people who mailed letters on that day and, remain unidentified. They’re convinced they’re not getting full co-operation from several people, who have information or suspicions that might assist them.

They also remain convinced the person or persons reponsible for the bombings are from the local area…have knowledge of, and possible access to explosives…and, have a grievance with Encana. Meantime, the Calgary-based company has issued another appeal urging anyone with Toms Lake area energy development concerns, to call Encana at 250-787-4051.

It says that includes the person or persons responsible for the bombings and, it urges them in the interests of public safety and, the well being of the community, which they are believed to part of, to stop the attacks. To that end, the Mounties also note only property damage has occurred to date but, the silent protection those reponsible for the bombings adds to the serious threat they represent to the lives of those who live and work in the community.