Mills on the loose – not likely in FSJ

The Fort St. John RCMP don’t think it’s too likely Gary Mills is in this area.

Still, they aren’t taking any chances, releasing an advisory today that he is on the loose, with whereabouts unknown.

On Monday afternoon, RCMP Constable Jackelynn Passarell said the RCMP do believe Mills has left Powell River, though they’re not convinced he’s come to FSJ.

But, as Mills is wanted on serious offences, she says police are covering all bases, and issuing a warning in this community, as Mills does have ties here, and is charged for attempted murder for an incident in Fort St. John, in June 2007.

This is the second time a public advisory has been issued for Mills, with the first coming in May 2008. He was soon apprehended, and remained in custody until his release in June.

On Wednesday (Nov. 19th), Mills missed an appointment with his bail supervisor in Powell River, and he hasn’t been seen since.

So, the question may be asked, why was Mills released the second time? Constable Passarell says it’s not really what police wanted.


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