A section of the Alaska Highway south of the city, finally reopened at about 7:20pm Tuesday evening.

It was closed when the trailer of a semi-trailer unit, flipped onto its side on Monday night, and blocked the Highway, near the Baldonnel Overpass. The roll-over resulted motorists having to avoid the crash site, by using the Swanson Lumber, Airport and 255 Roads.

The accident occurred about ten o’clock on Monday, with police indicating the northbound driver, went off the right side of the highway and, then flipped the trailer during re-correction. There were no injuries in the accident.

RCMP constable Jackelynn Passarell says there was a long delay in removing the flipped trailer from the Highway, because crews couldn’t move it until they had another unit in which to put its cargo. The delay was prolongued by the wait for that replacement trailer. The RCMP also reports difficulties in trying to right the overturned vehicle.

The highway was closed for approximately 21 hours to deal with this accident.