The ministry of Environment has announced an environmental assessment certificate has been granted for the Hermann Coal Mine project.

Western Canadian Coal Corporation’s planned open-pit mine would be located 16 kilometres west of Tumbler Ridge.

It’s reported to have the capacity to produce from 0.8 to 1.1 million tonnes of metallurgical coal per year, which would be hauled by truck to WCC’s Wolverine Coal Mine for processing.

The provincial assessement determined the project would not have significant adverse effects.

Several steps still need to be taken before the project can go ahead, including liscensing and leasing.

WCC is also committed to a range of environmental measures, including minimizing stream sedimentation, monitoring water quality, managing the generation of selenium, and restoring wildlife habitat at the mine’s closing.

It’s estimated the 55 million dollar project would generate 100 jobs, and 52 million dollars in taxes over its ten year life-span.