The Single Semi-roll over on the Alaska Highway near the underpass. No injuries were reported. Andrew Tylosky/

**Update – As of 5:30pm the Road is still closed – the RCMP keep pushing back the time when the road will be re-opened.  They could now open the road around 7pm.  The delays in clearing the road have been caused by the trucking company, as it had to send in another truck to unload the tractor trailer that rolled over.  We will keep you updated as we hear more**

At last report, a portion of the Alaska Highway near the Baldonnel overpass, was still closed, following the overnight roll-over of a truck trailer.

Police report the driver of the semi-trailer unit was travelling north bound on the highway, when he went off the right side of the road. His re-correction attempt then caused the trailer to flip onto its side across the highway. The accident occurred about 10 o’clock last night and did not result in any injuries.

However, police are requesting motorists to use an alternative route, making use of the Swanson Lumber, Airport and 255 Roads, in order to bypass the accident scene. They estimate it could take until late this morning, perhaps 11 o’clock, before the trailer is removed and the road reopened.