The Supreme Court of Canada today, backed a Canadian Transportation Agency ruling that disabled and obese passengers can’t be forced to pay for an extra airline seat. Thus, it has upheld the policy of “one person, one fare, ordering Canadian airlines to offer a free seat to certain disabled and obese people. The case has wound its way through various agencies and courts for six years and was brought forward by Victoria’s Joanne Neubauer who requires a wheelchair and given a limited income, can’t afford to pay extra fares… [asset|aid=650|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=e72e4086a6bfaae7de234a91816d81c9-Nuebauer_1_Pub.mp3] This past January, the CTA ruled airlines must offer a single fare to people with disabilities, who require an attendant during the flight and clinically obese passengers. It gave the airlines one year to implement the policy but, WestJet and Air Canada turned to the Supreme Court after the Federal Court of Appeal rejected their bid to appeal the ruling. The airlines argued it would be too costly to provide the free seats.