The City of Fort St. John has released its 2009 budget calendar. Following the 2008 budget there were many concerns the process wasn’t transparent enough, so the City has released a schedule of when all the budget meetings will be held for 2009. City Manager Diane Hunter says the process is the same as last year but they are trying to make it more public. [asset|aid=646|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=5e109737ff548bc2be4f9259d0484c2a-Diane – Public Process_1_Pub.mp3] Although these meetings are not open for discussion, the City and Council hope this will allow the public see how Council puts together the budget. There will be a 5 minute question period at the end of each meeting and once the budget is complete they will hold an open house to discuss the budget.

The first meeting was held Monday afternoon and the second one is scheduled for Monday December 15th and will deal with Utility Rates.