Nearly 19 centimeters of snow yesterday on top of slippery streets and roads has made driving, particuarly stopping and starting, very difficult for local area motorists again today.

As a result extra travel time and reduced speed are the order of the day and, traveling with a shovel is, also highly recommended.

The snowfall raised the monthly total, to 33 and half centimeters and, that’s about three more than the full-month-norm for November.

It also pushed the month-to-date precipitation total, to 40 points 8 millimeters and, that’s about 12 more than the full-month-norm.

As forecast the Peace got the brunt of yesterday’s snowfall with 13.6 centimeters recorded in Fort Nelson.

To the south, Prince George escaped with virtually no snow, although it did record nearly 5 millimters of rain, pushing it’s monthly precipitation total to about 54.