*In other news…Local area motorists are advised, a snowfall warning is in place for the Fort St. John region.

Any where from 7 to 14 centimeters is forecast to fall today, before giving way to flurries tonight and tomorrow.

*Local area motorists are also advised, to shop before they purchase gasoline this morning.

Posted prices fell again during the weekend and, as of early this morning were running from a dollar point nine…to a dollar 6 point four cents a liter.

*Elsewhere, only one of eight people on board survived, a fiery plane crash yesterday, on BC’s Sunshine Coast.

The lone survivor was badly burned and walked several hours from the crash site to the beach, where he was rescued by the Coast Guard.

And in Southern California, thousands of people remain under evaucation orders, as a barrage of wildfires continues to devour their homes.

Latest estimates put the destruction at more than 800 houses, mobile homes and apartments.