Poor voter turnout is a major topic of local area post municipal election discussion.

Less than 29 hundred of the more than 12 and half thousand voters in Fort St. John, or 23 percent, cast ballots.

As pathetic as that was, it was nearly three times better, than the turn-out in electoral area “C” of the Peace River Regional District, where less than 6 hundred, of about 73 hundred elgibile voters, went to the polls.

Here are some of the post-election comments of two of the winning candidates… Fort St. John’s mayor-elect, Bruce Lantz…and the new area “C” director, Arthur Hadland…


The answer to voter apathy in this area however, may rest no further away, than Hudson’s Hope.

Of the 640 eligible voters in that district, 452…or more than 70 percent…cast ballots.