In sharp contrast to Fort St. John was the 70.6% turnout in Hudson’s Hope but, there again the incumbent mayor was defeated.

Incumbent councilor, Karn Anderson, nearly doubled the vote total of Lenore Harwood and, was elected, along with incumbent councilors Gwen Johansson, Darryl Johnson, Travous Quibill and Terry Webster. The other two council seats went to Doug Summer and Clayton Stacey, who topped the poll.

In Taylor, where mayor Fred Jarvis was returned by acclamation, George Barber topped the council poll and, was re-elected along with Betty Ponto and Brad Filmer. Newcomer David Bigcharles, won the other council seat.

Also in the North Peace, Arthur Hadland scored a easy win in Electoral area “C” over challengers Brian Churchill and William Nurnberger and, the voters also said “No” by nearly a two-to-one margin, to the by-law, which would have established a dog control service.

In the South Peace, only Evan Saugstad of Chetwynd, managed to dodge the curse of the incumbent mayors, as he won re-election over Lorrie Potts.

In Tumbler Ridge and Pouce Coupe however, incumbent’s Mike Caisley and Barb Smith were upset, by incumbent councilor Larry White and, Lyman Clark, who served in Pouce Coupe, prior to 2005 and, unofficially won this year by two votes.

Finally, the three man mayoralty race in Dawson Creek went to Mike Bernier, who defeated fellow incumbent councilor, Brent Neumann and, former mayor, Wayne Dahlen, who finished a district third.