Gas Prices Continue to Drop Locally

Local gasoline prices came down a bit more over the weekend, dropping two cents a liter and, putting the common posted price in the city, at a dollar ten point nine cents.
That’s makes a three cent drop in Fort St. John prices in the past week but, it’s still only 50 percent of last week’s decline, in the national average price.
Across BC the latest check shows prices as low at 86 point nines cents a liter at a Costco outlet in Abottsford, and as high, as a dollar 26 point nine in Fort Nelson.
Overseas today, Asian stock markets logged strong gains, bolstered by China massive new stimulus plan, announced over the weekend.
It also jump-started oil prices again and, at last report they were up more than three dollars a barrel, to 64 dollars and 14 cents U.S.
That’s also put a charge into the Canadian dollar, which is up more than a penny from Friday’s close, to 85.46 cents U-S.
However, there’s still plenty of economic concern in the country and, it will top the agenda today, when Prime Minister Harper hosts his provincial and territorial counterparts in Ottawa.
While Mr. Harper’s office is downplaying any firm action, coming from this first-ministers’ meeting, the federal finance minister suggests something may have to be done soon.
Jim Flaherty says the economy has worsened considerably, even compared to a month ago and, he suggests Ottawa and the provinces may need to start putting together, an economic stimulus plan.

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