The latest cross-Canada 60-city survey puts the national average price of gasoline down another six point one cents a liter to 92 point cents.

The monitor by Calgary-based MJ Ervin and Associate shows five centers in Ontario with prices now below 90 cents a liter…with the cheapest gas in Ottawa, at 82 point four cents.

At the other end of the national scale is Yellowknife, at a dollar nineteen point nine cents.

However, that is now only six cents a liter more, than the current posted price in Fort St. John.

That however, is still 18 cents a liter less, than the highest price in BC, in the non-survey center, of Fort Nelson.

The lowest price in this province, which is 92.9 cents, at last report was at a Costco outlet, in the non-survey center of Abbotsford.