Advance voting for the November 15th civic elections is being held tomorrow, across the North Peace.

In Fort St. John it will be conducted at the North Peace Arena from 8am to 8pm and, it will be the first of two days advance voting.

The second day will be November 12th and, the hours will be same.

8am to 8pm will also be the voting hours, in Electoral Area “C”, of the Peace River Regional District and, the polling station will be at the Fort St. John PRRD office.

That will also be the first two days of advance voting but, the second day will be Friday and, the hours will be the same.

Meantime, tomorrow will be the “only” advance voting day, in Hudson’s Hope and Taylor and again the hours will be 8am to 8pm.

In Hudson’s Hope the polling station will be
in the Council Chambers of the District Office, while in Taylor it will be at the Town Hall.