Photo: The cause of this fire at 90th Ave is still under investigation – Johanna Henderson/

City Fire Chief Fred Burrows says his department responded to close to 20 calls between last Thursday night and mid-day Saturday. That covers the Fort St. John Halloween period, although he says a number of the calls had nothing to do with the celebration.

One was received just before four o’clock Saturday morning, from a single family dwelling, at 8136 90th avenue, near Duncan Cran school. The two-story home suffered extensive roof and top story fire damage but, there were no injuries reported. The fire remains under investigation and as yet there’s no dollars and cents damage estimate.

Prior to that fire the chief says there was a minor apartment fire, at about 9:30 Friday night, at 9003 86th street.

He says before the period was over, the department also responded to a laundry room fire at the Backwoods Inn on Alaska Road, and it was called to several motor vehicle accidents.