Semi Tractor Accidents on Alaska Highway

Accidents Saturday Afternoon on The Alaska Highway – Courtesy Nelson Loe

The Alaska Highway north of Fort St. John at about mile 126 saw a number of accidents on Saturday.

Two semi tractor units were travelling north bound when they went off the road partially due to icy road conditions. Both tractor units then went down a 20 foot enbankment off the highway. One male was evacuated by STARS Air Ambulance and at last report had serious injuries.

Other vehicle occupants at the scene suffered minor injuries.

While police were investigating the first accident a pickup truck lost control near the accident scene while overtaking a semi trailer who had slowed down to look at the accident. The pickup truck also went down the 20 foot embankment.

**It has been brought to our attention by BC Ambulance Service that it was in fact BC Air Ambulance Service that evacuated the injured male. The story above was taken from information from an RCMP press release that stated that STARS was responsible for the evacuation.**

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