Photo: This EnCana Wellhead was attacked around midnight on Thursday October 30th, 2008 – Adam Reaburn/

The investigation into a third bombing of an EnCana Natural Gas Facility continues.

The RCMP released more information today about the third attack, this one on a well head located approximately 12km North West of Tomslake, BC. According to Sgt. Tim Shields the explosion occurred around midnight on Thursday October 30th


The person or persons responsible are believed to be from the area and have an extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Additional RCMP members have been brought in.


The latest attack was not reported until after 1pm Friday October 31st, even though the attack happened almost 12 hours before.


St. Shields believes this attack was more brazen than the previous as security guards were in the area. The RCMP also confirmed that the dynamite stolen from Chetwynd this summer was not used in the first attack and testing continues to see if it was used on the second and third attack.

The well head continues to leak a small amount of Natural Gas, but is not lethal and EnCana is currently working to fix the leak.

Members in the community remain concerned following this third attack and some have suggested that EnCana and other Oil and Gas Companies provide H2S monitors to residents. Brian Leevers with EnCana says this is not feasible.


There have also been concerns raised over the time it has taken EnCana and Authories to inform Tomslake community members following an attack. EnCana says they have a very comprehensive emergency plan


Security patrols have been increased following the third attack.

Mayor of Dawson Creek Marilyn Belak says the community doesn’t sympathize with these bombings.


The RCMP are looking for any information the public can provide and you are reminded you can call a toll free tip line at 1-866-7473, or Crimestoppers 1-800-222-TIPS.

The following map shows the exact location of the third EnCana Bombing

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