Peace Skaters attend first Short Track Meet of Season

Sixty-two skaters from around the Peace attended the first short track interclub meet of the season on Saturday, October 25. With the exception of the Cradle group, each participant competed in seven races. For the majority of the competitors, it was the first time racing in the 2008-09 season and many personal best times were recorded.

Overall results are as follows:

Mitch Kupchanko 1st Place Top Male Skater 1 Personal Best (PB)
Kayne Dressler 5th
Desiree Mitchell 6th Top Female Skater
Jolea Bilodeau 7th

Jamie Lee 1st 1 PB
Kelsey Johnson 2nd
Connor Johnson 5th 5 PB’s
Kathryn Stickel 6th 4 PB’s

Kyle Lyth 2nd 5 PB’s Moved from Regional 2 to Regional 1 Category
Kyla Wass 5th 6 PB’s
Laura Beth Gill 6th 6 PB’s

Ben Maxfield 1st 3 PB’s
Jenna Burns 5th 3 PB’s
Rachel Kalkman 8th 5 PB’s
Renee Kalkman 9th 4 PB’s
Colton Johnson 12th 3 PB’s

Theresa Martins 1st 5 PB’s Moved from Regional 2 to Regional 1 Category
Madelyn June 2nd 6 PB’s Moved from Regional 2 to Regional 1 Category
Adam Larstone 5th 5 PB’s
Eryn Stickel 9th 4 PB’s
Spencer Holmes 10th 4 PB’s

Luke Gill 2nd 4 PB’s
Nyam Newlove 3rd 4 PB’s
Yuna Lovell 4th 6 PB’s
Michelle Kalkman 6th 6 PB’s
Joshua Telizyn 7th 5 PB’s
Amanda Mitchell 8th 5 PB’s
Jaden Schafer 10th 4 PB’s
Dalene Schafer 12th 5PB’s
Ryan Cunningham 14th 1 PB

Nicholas Guliov 3rd 4 PB’s